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Enthathisayame 'എന്തതിശയമേ' - Malayalam Comedy Short Film 2015 (Full HD) With Subtitles

Director & Starring : Jude Thomas . Story And Screenplay : Alex Paul . D.O.P : Harsim Sacki . Assistant : Sarath Paul . Editing And Graphics : Shahzaad Mohammed (SHZ Studio). Sound Recording : Wilson Antony (Wills Media) Media Partners : Whitemen Entertainment | FREAKOLOGY Sponsors : Francis Kuruvilla, RO-NA, Athira P.M, Vishnu Prasad, Jerin K.d, Saji Paul , Fathima K.N . Inspirations : Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nivin Pauly, Alphonse Puthren. Main Cast : Jude Thomas (Charlie) , Alex Paul, Athira P.M (Treesa), Vishnu Prasad (Ajay), Jerald Joby (Priest), Subin Paulose (Teacher) , Amal Rajeev (Beggar) . * This is not a serious story. It shows the silly problems faced by Many teenagers. And, This is not a real life story. Charlie is the main character in this story. He always complains that 'Nobody pays attention to him' . The story ends with a bible quote " Don't be greedy for what you don't have, Real life is not measured by how much we own" - Luke 12:15 . Please watch in '1080p Full Hd' . Thanks for watching. Contact : 9539218860 ( (FB page) .