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Malayalam Short film RANI | MALAYALAM SHORT FILM 2016 | Malayalam Romantic Short Film | HD

Rani (2016) is a Malayalam romantic short film. Directed by Sameer Babu. Starring Neeraja, Abbootty, Gopesh,akbar & others. Rani has a simple story, but has glorified the depth of true love with simplicity. The kick starter of this short story is like some one said, "Love at first sight"; which has not much verbal importance in today's fast generation world. Today love is like a temporary adhesive; it's now uncertain, it's Ambiguos and unstable. The famous quote 'love is immortal' has now become meaningless. So why this pathetic catastrophe has happened to love? Who or What is responsible for this?. Well we may blame the cultural loss to a greater extent. Now love has transformed into an emotion of time pass. If we take a look at the relations around us, we cannot see the bondage of love among them. What we see is a give and take business attitude; yes, now the relations are defined in terms of profit and loss. For example let us consider our marriage proposals in arranged marriage. What I get if I marry this girl? How much dowry in cash? How much property she has. On the other hand, how much he earns per annum? What are his security deposits? etc etc. No one is much bothered about the 'love'. No one thinks that he or she could love me? Is she or he will understand me? who cares !! That's why our most marriages are ending up in a white paper with two signatures. Even the marriage functions has now became as the "Event shows". The volume of money and luxury defines the aristocratism of a marriage now. The equation of love between Bride and Groom is important, but today it's changed into the equation of Money and Gold which he gets. The farewell speech of Sachin Tendulkar has great significant importants. he said "Anjali, being a doctor had wonderful career in front of her, but she took the initiative and said to me to go on with my career and she will take the responsibility of the family, she is the best partnership I ever had in my life". Heart touching words right? So there are some loves which are still blessed by God. Which has the true honestly and dedication to the partner in-spite of all drawbacks and dark pasts they posses. In this short film we may see this true love. Jose & Rani are our Romeo and Juliet. Jose is a typical bachelor with no serious approach to life . He has a good friend's circle. Even though they are the youth of this time, they are not 'infected' by the so called 'cHUnKs & bRowie' paradigm. So we may call the the bachilers of the 90's or 80's. Jose and his friends are doing native works for a living. In one night after his work shift Jose was waiting for his backup. His friend came with a taxi jeep. When he get into it he got shocked, he saw a girl, when he looked her for the first time he lost himself, like what we discussed above, he felt the breeze of first love in her. But she felt so irritated in his behavior. Jeep stopped and she got down. His quench of love nailed his sleep, restless started to give him nightmares. Some how he completed a night, and he said to his friends about his crush. From Varghese, who is running a tea shop nearby, Jose gets their whereabouts. She is a nurse in town. Jose wakes early and runs to see her every morning. Eventually she started to notice him. But in a usual jeep journey when Jose started to propose her she said “Big No” in a sudden. He felt so disappointed. On the next day Jose and friends went for dispute with strange man who misbehaved to her. As usual she felt the "impression" on our hero and asked him to meet her in the next day. When they meet she said some thing which broke his heart into a thousand pieces. So what was that? Was that a "yes"? or something about her past? Go and watch our valentines day special short film "Rani". Direction: Sameer Babu Producer: Hotnsour Music Direction: Dhevesh Editing : Aneesh Kumar Cinematographer: Shyam Prasad Asst Director: Krishnadas palamukku Actors: Neeraja, Abbootty, Gopesh,akbar Subscribe our channel : Join #malayalamshortfilm Club Malayalam #Shortfilms 2016 : Malayalam short films, short films malayalam, malayalam full movvies, new malayalam movies, short films latest, latest short films Malayalam short films, short films malayalam, malayalam full movvies, new malayalam movies, short films latest, latest short films