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Enna Koppa Malayalam Romantic Comedy Short Film

Enna Koppa is a romantic comedy malayalam short film from a group of dental students. The movie deals with the reality behind most of the relationships we see today around us. The reality behind each relationship and the traps following them are sketched in the movie through the story of three young men. Stephy Stephen is a young guy from a rich family. His parents work in a soap company and bought him almost everything he wanted. One day he sees a girl and gets attracted to her. She comes in all his dreams and mind. Then he started following her for a long time and proposes her inside a church. She later comes to him with a positive reply as he continues following her every day all through her way. Anand George is a college student from a middle class family. He gets attracted to a girl when he attends an entrance exam. He later joins a medical college and meets her in his college. With the help of his friends he attempts a number of tricks to impress her and get into a relationship with her. Though all the ideas fails to give a positive response from her, some strange event happens in the class and she falls in love with him. These two guys meets at a bar restaurant and become friends. They shares their stories and become more close friends. In between, Anand finds the third guy with his friends enjoying the party for getting into a new relationship. Anand recalls his experiences and the moments he spent with his girlfriend while others enjoy the party. The excitements and the problems they faced for standing up for their love are shared and it helps them to solve their supreme problem. With their beautiful script to their own story, Anandhu Krishnan and Jose John, tries to point out the reality behind the relationships we find today. “We are trying to point out the truth. We are telling the youth what they don’t see when they are in blind love” says the director Anand. Sound Credits 1. Aayiram kannumai (Thattathin Marayath) 2. Kangal irandaal (Subhramanyapuram) 3. Oru Rajamalli (Aniyathipravu) 4. Kannu randu kannu (Annayum rasoolum) 5. Kiss me (Cadboury Dairy Milk) 6. Sreenivasan Dialogue (Azhakiya Ravanan)