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YES - Malayalam Valentines day Short Film (HD) by Credox Talkies

Your Emotions Speaks A Campus Love Tale that stays unique! A story which is based on a true event! The lengthiest single shot in Malayalam Short films with 9 minutes and 30 seconds Director: Akhil Joseph Written by: Justin Mathew Producer: Bibin Mathew Parayil Cinematography: Anandhu G Krishna Editing and Colouring : Ajmal Sabu Music & BGM: Joel Johns Associate Director: Syam Muralikrishna Titles and Poster Design: Jerrin James Assistant Director: Sachin Manju Suresh | Assistant Cinematographers: Geo Sebastian | Govind C Sunil Subtitles:Ganga Anil Helicam: Vishal Nonu Art Director: Jothin Paul J Brothers Casting director: Umesh Kumar | Thomas Easo In Frame: Anwin Johnson | Sushanth Ninan Koshy | Nikhil Zack Chingamparambil | Jeevan George | Veronice Piji ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Facebook: Google+: